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Are you looking to install an electric fence on your property? Adding an electric fence is one of the most effective ways to secure your home or business.

An electric fence delivers a safe shock to deter potential intruders from entering your premises.

Our expert team at Fence Company Athens GA has years of experience installing high-quality electric fencing for properties throughout Athens and surrounding areas.

An electric fence provides 24/7 protection that requires minimal maintenance compared to other fencing options. We use only the most reliable electric fence components to create a perimeter that will keep your family, pets, livestock, or valuables protected.

Customers choose our electric fence installation service because we take the time to understand your unique security needs.

Our fence installers will walk you through the best fence configuration, post spacing, and voltage for your situation.

We handle the entire installation process quickly and efficiently without disrupting your landscape.

All of our electric fence installations include a warranty so you can have total peace of mind. We stand behind our workmanship and the performance of the fencing components we use.

Our team will also show you how to test the fence voltage and carry out routine maintenance.

Contact Fence Company Athens GA today to schedule your free electric fence installation estimate! We serve all neighborhoods in Athens, GA and surrounding cities.

Process We Follow for Chain-Link Fencing

Initial Consultation

The process starts when you contact us for a chain-link fence installation or repair project at your Athens home or business. We schedule a time to visit your property for a free estimate and consultation.

During this initial meeting, we discuss your project goals and survey the site to understand your needs. What areas do you want enclosed? What gate locations and access points are needed? What fence height meets your requirements?

We also gather details on zoning requirements, terrain, property boundaries and any other factors that impact your chain-link fencing. Our team identifies any potential challenges and develops solutions for the best outcome.

With an in-depth understanding of your expectations, we can provide an accurate estimate for materials, labor, and total project cost. There are no obligations at this stage – just an opportunity to go over options and get professional guidance.

Detailed Quote

After surveying your site, we prepare a comprehensive written estimate outlining the full scope of work and exact pricing for your review. This detailed quote covers all material specifications and installation fees with no hidden costs.

We specify the recommended gauge and mesh size of the chain-link fabric based on your needs and preferences. The quote also lists the number of posts required along with post sizes and spacing. You can select from various top rail options as well as barbed wire, privacy slats, and any gates or accessories.

With everything clearly documented in your custom quote, you can confidently decide to move forward knowing exactly what the project entails and the investment required. We are happy to answer any questions you have about the proposal.

Pre-Installation Prep

Once we receive your approval, a 50% deposit secures your installation date on our calendar. We handle obtaining any permits required by local codes in Athens. Our team also calls 811 to have underground utility lines clearly marked on your property before digging.

Approximately one week prior to starting, we contact you to reconfirm the start date and discuss any special access needs or requirements.

This gives you time to mark any property lines or areas to avoid disturbance. We also recommend removing any fragile landscaping or obstructions from the fence footprint.

Our fence installation crews arrive with all necessary commercial grade equipment and materials specified in your custom quote. This careful preparation results in an efficient, streamlined installation process.

Setting Sturdy Posts

On the scheduled date, our professional crew begins by staking out the fence footprint and post positioning per the agreed upon specifications. We space posts appropriately for the fence height and wind load requirements in your area. Typical post spacing ranges from 8-10 feet.

We dig holes for each post base approximately 2-3 feet deep or below the frost line. Posts are set in concrete to keep them permanently straight, plumb and properly anchored.

The concrete is allowed to fully cure before moving to the next steps. Proper post installation is the foundation for a long lasting, secure chain link fence.

Installing Chain-Link Fabric

Once the framework is in place, we begin installation of the galvanized steel mesh fabric using industrial lacing tools for optimal tensioning.

The diamond shaped wire fencing is stretched tightly to the terminal posts to eliminate sagging. For added privacy, we slide any vinyl slats into the chain-link mesh.

The fence fabric is secured to the fence posts and rails using high quality galvanized fittings, tension bands, and wire ties. We use meticulous fastening techniques so your fence retains its taut and tailored appearance over time without loose, sagging mesh.

For longevity, we use galvanized steel parts resistant to rust and corrosion. The result is an impeccably installed, tight chain-link barrier ready to provide years of sturdy protection and beauty for your Athens property.

Completing with Precision

As we put the finishing touches on your new fence installation, we hand dig and set any remaining posts for gates. Gate posts require extra anchoring support. We position your gate at the desired access point and install hinges, latches, and any other hardware needed for smooth operation.

For the best visual appeal, we clean up any residual concrete or dirt clods along the fence perimeter. You are left with a perfectly installed chain-link fence ready to enjoy. We can also provide any needed advice on ongoing maintenance to keep your fence looking its best.

With our methodical installation process, every chain-link fence we build offers long-term performance, security, and durability paired with an attractive, tailored appearance. Contact us today to get started on maximizing your property with a custom chain-link solution from our Athens fencing experts!


For optimal access control, we offer installation of single, double, or custom designed chain-link gates perfectly integrated into your new fence. Gates are fabricated on site from the same high-grade materials as your fence for total uniformity.

Expert gate hanging and adjustment ensures smooth opening and closing 365 days a year. the latch mechanism allows the gate to be securely locked when not in use.

Gates over 6 feet high may include galvanized truss rods for extra support and wind resistance. We help you choose the ideal gate type and location to suit your needs

Privacy Slats

For enhanced visibility blocking, we can insert PVC or metal privacy slats into the chain-link mesh. These durable vinyl strips overlap to form an attractive opaque barrier along your fence line.

Slats are available in a range of neutral colors to complement any property. Adding slats delivers extra privacy and transforms the look of your chain-link fence.

Barbed Wire

Security concerns may call for topping your new chain-link fence with barbed wire strands. This deters climbing and cuts through intruders.

We install galvanized barbed wire in angled extensions rising above the fence line. The barbed strands can be spaced anywhere from 4-12 inches apart depending on your requirements. Barbed wire provides affordable added protection.


One benefit of chain-link fencing is the ease of customization to your needs. We can accommodate special requests including:

  • Extra tall fence height
  • Enhanced post spacing/gauge for high security applications
  • Custom walk gates, paddock gates, cantilever gates
  • Decorative post caps
  • Privacy screening
  • Radius turns to enclose curved boundaries
  • And more! Tell us how we can transform your property your way through customized chain-link fencing.

Cost of Chain-Link Fencing in Athens, GA

The cost of chain-link fencing installed by our professional crews averages between $15-$25 per linear foot. This industry competitive pricing depends on factors like:

  • Fence height
  • Terrain difficulty
  • Post spacing
  • Accessibility
  • Gate needs
  • Fence gauge and extras like privacy slats

With an on-site visit and quote, we provide exact pricing tailored to your unique specifications and site requirements in Athens. There are no surprises or unexpected add-ons halfway through installation.

You can trust our fence estimates are fully inclusive of materials, labor, site prep, equipment, permits and any other associated costs. We believe in fair, fixed price contracts, allowing you to budget appropriately.

Made from economical galvanized steel, chain-link fencing offers one of the most budget-friendly options for installing a durable, low-maintenance perimeter around your Athens property. It’s significantly less expensive than wood privacy fencing yet still provides security and containment.

Contact our pros today to learn more about affordable Athens chain-link fence installation from the leading local experts!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of collective experience in the fencing industry, so you can trust us to get the job done right.


Every client has different requirements, so we work closely with you to create a customized fence solution for your specific space and needs.

Quality Materials

We only use the highest grade materials that are durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing for all fence projects.

Professional Installation

Our crew of highly-trained installers expertly construct attractive, sturdy fences built to stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority, which is why we offer reliable support from first consultation to final inspection.


Despite our premium products and services, our prices are very competitive for the unparalleled value we provide.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Athens, Georgia

FAQs About Chain-Link Fencing in Athens, Georgia

How long does chain-link fence installation take?

For a typical residential backyard fence, our professional crews can complete installation in 1-3 days depending on the project size and specifications. We schedule your job efficiently with no wasted time onsite to minimize disruption to your property.

Does my new chain-link fence come with a warranty?

Yes, we provide a 1-year installation warranty on all our chain-link fencing projects in Athens. The fence materials and workmanship are backed for 12 months after completion. Let us know if any issue arises during that time so we can promptly correct it.

What maintenance is required for chain-link fencing?

Chain-link requires very minimal maintenance compared to wood and other fence types. Simply inspect it periodically for any needed repairs. Using a wire brush attachment on a power tool, remove any rust developing on the fence wires to prevent spreading. Lubricate the hinges and latches on gates as needed to prevent squeaking. That’s about it for ongoing care.

How long will my chain-link fence last?

When properly installed by experts like our crews, chain-link fences can last 20-25 years or more. Thanks to the protective galvanized coating, the steel stands up well to weather and resists rust. The polyvinyl privacy slats may need replacement every 8-10 years. Overall chain link offers long service life.

What fence heights are available?

We can install chain-link fencing from as low as 3 feet tall up to 8 feet and higher if required. Standard heights for residential backyards are 4 or 6 feet. Eight feet is ideal for facilities needing maximum security. Let us know the height you prefer and we will meet code regulations.

Can chain-link be installed on hilly terrain?

Yes, our experienced crews are experts at installing chain-link fencing on slopes, hills, and uneven landscapes. We set posts deeper and use specialized braces and tensioning methods to ensure the fencing remains taut and upright on terrain. Just point out any steep areas and we’ll handle the rest.

What color options are available for chain-link?

Chain-link comes galvanized with a silver/gray appearance. For more appealing aesthetic, consider green or black polyester powder-coating applied to the framework. Privacy slats also come in tan, brown, gray, green and other earthy tones to blend in.

How are gates integrated in chain-link fences?

Gates are fabricated from matching chain-link materials and wire framed for strength. Hinges, latches, and hardware are galvanized steel built to withstand heavy daily usage. Gates over 6 feet may include truss rod reinforcement. With reinforced posts and proper installation, gates become one durable piece with the fence.

How do I know if my existing chain-link fence needs repair?

Signs your chain-link fence needs attention include: sagging wires, leaning/loose posts, damaged fabric with holes or tears, broken tension bands, peeling slats, squeaky gates, protruding concrete footings, and significant rust. Contact us for professional repairs or replacement.

Will a chain-link fence work for containing my pets?

Yes, chain-link is a secure, tried and true fencing for keeping pets safely confined to your Athens yard. For added versatility, consider a pet gate so they have access to certain areas. We recommend a privacy fence or slats to block them from barking at passersby on the street.

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