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Erosion Fencing Company Near Athens, GA

Erosion control is crucial for protecting your property and preventing damage from rain, wind, and runoff.

Installing a quality erosion control fence around your yard or construction site in Athens can help stabilize slopes, prevent sediment from washing away, and reduce the effects of erosion.

Our team at Fence Company Athens GA has over 10 years of experience specializing in erosion control fencing installation and repair throughout Athens.

We understand the optimal fencing solutions for the landscape, soil type and geography of your property.

Our expert technicians will assess your unique needs and recommend the best type of erosion fencing to safeguard your land from the elements.

Unlike flimsy silt fences that deteriorate quickly, we utilize heavy-duty fence materials that provide superior performance and longevity.

We carry an extensive selection of durable woven and welded wire fabric, steel posts, stabilizing gravel bags, and filtration geotextiles.

Our fences are specially engineered to maximize strength while allowing proper water flow and ventilation.

We handle all aspects of erosion control fencing for residential, commercial, industrial, municipal, and civil construction projects in Athens and the surrounding areas.

Whether you need short-term protection during construction or a permanent solution for slope stabilization, stormwater diversion, and sediment control, we have got you covered.

Benefits of our professional erosion control fence installation include:

  • Preventing loss of valuable topsoil and land damage from water and wind erosion
  • Managing stormwater drainage and diverting runoff away from slopes or foundations
  • Trapping sediment on-site to avoid polluting nearby streams, rivers and drains
  • Stabilizing embankments, berms, and steep grades vulnerable to sliding or collapse
  • Protecting landscaping projects and vegetation until plants are established
  • Providing security, safety barriers and delineation on construction sites
  • Improving site aesthetics with durable, unobtrusive fence solutions

Don’t leave your property vulnerable to erosion.

Our expert team has the skills to analyze your site, recommend optimal solutions, and professionally install quality erosion control fencing in Athens tailored to your unique requirements.

Process We Follow for Erosion Fencing

Site Evaluation

The first step our erosion control experts take is a thorough evaluation of the property. We assess the slope, geography, soil type, drainage issues and the primary causes of erosion patterns on your land.

This allows us to gain a complete understanding of the erosion risks and challenges specific to your site in Athens.

Customized Fencing Plan

Next, we develop a customized fencing plan to address the erosion control requirements of your property. There are many types of erosion fences available, so it’s crucial to select the proper style, material, spacing and installation method based on your site’s conditions and erosion patterns observed.

Some key factors we consider are:

  • Slope inclination and length
  • Soil particle sizes and permeability
  • Volume and direction of water flow
  • Wind exposure and velocity
  • Vegetation coverage
  • Duration of protection needed
  • Aesthetic preferences

Our team has extensive experience designing optimal, cost-effective erosion fence solutions in Athens for nearly every site condition and project scope.

Fence Selection

With your erosion control goals and requirements in mind, we will select the ideal fence type, materials, and accessories to stabilize your slopes and protect against runoff.

Common fencing options we provide include:

  • Silt Fence: A temporary sediment control fence using woven geotextile fabric attached to wooden stakes. Simple, flexible and economical option for short-term projects.
  • Wire-Backed Silt Fence: Geotextile fabric reinforced with welded wire mesh for added strength and longer lifespan. Ideal for high debris loads.
  • Super Silt Fence: Sturdy erosion fence with chain link wire backing and steel t-post supports. Holds up to heavy flows and debris in channels.
  • Straw Wattle: Tubes filled with straw or coconut fiber encased in photodegradable netting. Installed along slopes in rows to intercept runoff.
  • Rock Berm: Built from large, graded stone. Acts as a sturdy diversion barrier to protect slopes by directing water flow.
  • Temporary Orange Construction Fence: Low-cost plastic fencing to delineate project boundaries, protect vegetation or stabilize mildly sloped areas.
  • Coir Log: Dense, tubular rolls made of coconut fiber. Placed along toes of slopes or channels to filter and spread runoff.

We will select the ideal style or combination of fences to establish effective erosion and sediment control at your site.

Pre-Installation Prep

Once we have finalized the erosion control fencing design and materials best suited to your property in Athens, our team will make preparations for installation day. This includes:

  • Scheduling suitable crew, equipment and materials for your project timeline
  • Clearing and grading the installation area if necessary
  • Staking out the planned fencing layout and marking utilities if present
  • Coordinating with engineers for final plan approval and permitting
  • Arranging for delivery of erosion control materials and supplies to your site

Professional Fence Installation

Our skilled fencing crews will arrive with all the necessary tools, materials and safety equipment to efficiently install your new erosion control fence system in Athens.

We take care to:

  • Offload materials using proper lifting techniques
  • Follow the marked layout keeping fence lines straight, level and properly spaced
  • Dig firm, evenly spaced postholes and anchor posts correctly for the fence type
  • Attach fabric securely to posts without sagging using zip ties, woven wire, staples or other fasteners
  • Backfill and compact postholes and installation trenches to stabilize
  • Overlap and join fence sections properly to form continuous barriers free of gaps

For straw wattles, coir logs and rock berms, we will contour them to the slope and stake securely into place per erosion control specifications.

Our team works neatly and methodically to transform your raw materials into an expertly installed fence ready to provide erosion, drainage and sediment control on your property.

Fence Maintenance

We can provide ongoing fence maintenance services as needed around Athens to preserve functionality and extend the lifespan of your erosion control fence. This includes:

  • Inspecting fences after heavy rains and removing built-up sediment
  • Ensuring fabric remains properly attached and free of tears
  • Adjusting posts that become loose or tilting
  • Repairing any damage from weathering, debris strikes or other causes
  • Managing vegetation overgrowth around fence lines
  • Realigning fences that become misaligned from ground shifting
  • Reinforcing weak spots prone to ongoing erosion or runoff intrusion

Regular maintenance helps keep your erosion fence working optimally year after year. Our team is available for periodic upkeep or emergency repairs when needed.

Fence Removal

When your erosion control fencing is ready to be taken down, our professionals can handle the job efficiently. We will remove all posts, footings, fabric and accessories, dispose of the materials properly and restore the area to its original state.

We take the hassle out of removing tired temporary fencing or replacing deteriorated permanent fences that are beyond repair. Let our team handle your erosion fence removal project.

When you choose Fence Company Athens GA for your erosion control fencing needs, you get a partner committed to outstanding craftsmanship and proven solutions designed specifically for your property’s unique landscape.

Contact us today to discuss your project and get expert solutions to safeguard your land from erosion!

Cost of Erosion Fencing in Athens, GA

The cost of erosion control fencing installation in Athens varies based on:

  • Fence materials chosen – Economy poly silt fence vs. woven wire-backed fences
  • Site factors like slope steepness and accessibility
  • Amount of earthwork and ground preparation required
  • Overall lineal footage of fencing needed to enclose the area
  • Type of posts and depth installed
  • Labor rates in our area

Poly silt fencing often ranges from $3 – $6 per linear foot depending on post spacing and accessories needed. More heavy-duty wire-backed fences installed by our pros start at $15 per linear foot. Coir logs, straw wattles and rock berms also vary in price by size and material volume required.

We provide free quotes for any erosion control fencing project in Athens, considering your specific site characteristics and preferences.

There are no hidden fees or charges added later. Let’s discuss your needs and budget to determine the most suitable erosion control fencing options for your property.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of collective experience in the fencing industry, so you can trust us to get the job done right.


Every client has different requirements, so we work closely with you to create a customized fence solution for your specific space and needs.

Quality Materials

We only use the highest grade materials that are durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing for all fence projects.

Professional Installation

Our crew of highly-trained installers expertly construct attractive, sturdy fences built to stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority, which is why we offer reliable support from first consultation to final inspection.


Despite our premium products and services, our prices are very competitive for the unparalleled value we provide.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Athens, Georgia

FAQs About Erosion Fencing in Athens, Georgia

What materials are used for erosion control fences?

Our Athens fencing crews use natural, biodegradable materials like wooden posts, jute netting, and staples. This minimizes environmental impact.

How long does erosion control fencing last?

With proper installation and maintenance, erosion fences typically last 5-10 years before needing full replacement. The materials slowly decompose into the soil.

Does erosion fencing need maintenance?

Minimal maintenance like repairs after major storms helps ensure maximum lifespan. Our Athens team offers ongoing fence upkeep services.

How do you determine ideal erosion fence placement?

Thorough site analysis helps our Athens team identify high erosion areas to target with strategic fencing placement.

How long does erosion fence installation take?

Installation is typically complete within 1-3 days depending on the length of fence line and site accessibility. Our Athens crew works efficiently.

Do you offer other erosion control services beyond fencing?

Absolutely. Our full menu of erosion control services includes hydroseeding, drainage diversion, slope stabilization and more.

How can I blend erosion fencing into my landscape?

We contour fencing, use natural posts/netting and suspend netting in wooded areas to minimize visual impact on your Athens landscape.

What factors affect the cost of erosion control fencing?

The main factors are length/terrain, materials, access, site prep and labor. Prices vary per project. We provide free quotes.

How can I get started with an erosion fencing project?

Contact our Athens office today to schedule a free site assessment. We can then recommend a customized fencing solution.

Will erosion fencing harm my landscape or lawn areas?

No, our strategic installation techniques avoid damage to lawns, gardens, trees and other environmental features.

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