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Tennis Court Fencing Near Athens, GA

Are you looking to install new fencing around your tennis court in Athens or update your existing fence? Choosing the right fencing is crucial to maximize your playing experience.

The wrong fencing can negatively impact ball bounce, durability, and aesthetics. Our fencing experts have installed court fences for decades.

We know exactly how to build you a fence that enhances gameplay, withstands the elements, and looks fantastic.

Unlike chain link or other common fencing types, our custom tennis court fences are designed specifically for the sport.

We use high tension wire to prevent sagging and maximize ball rebound off the fence.

Our durable windscreen mesh helps block wind while allowing maximum airflow and visibility.

We offer a range of heights to suit your skill level and customize the fence color to match your surroundings.

With meticulous planning, professional installation, and only the best materials, we build long-lasting tennis fencing that will meet all your needs. Our fences require little maintenance and are backed by industry-leading warranties.

Contact us today to discuss your tennis court fencing project in Athens, GA!

Process We Follow for Tennis Court Fencing

Site Evaluation

The first step our tennis court fence installation experts take is a thorough site evaluation. We examine the current fencing (if any), take precise measurements of the area, analyze the terrain, vegetation, and other factors that may impact installation.

This allows us to plan the optimal fencing design and identify any potential challenges before beginning the job. Our evaluations ensure we can complete the project efficiently and avoid any surprises down the road.

Material Selection

Next, we help you select the best materials for your new Athens tennis court fence based on your goals, preferences and site conditions. Key considerations include:

  • Fence height – Standard heights range from 8 ft. to 15 ft. Taller fences are better for skilled players who hit with more power.
  • Windscreen mesh – Various densities are available to balance airflow and wind blocking. The tighter the mesh, the more effective the windscreen.
  • Post material – We recommend powder coated steel for maximum strength and longevity.
  • Color/finish – Fence and post colors are customized to suit your taste and blend with surroundings.
  • Access gates – We install single or double access gates seamlessly into the fence line.

With so many options, our experts will guide you through the selections to build your ideal fence in Athens.


For some fence projects, permitting from the city of Athens or Gwinnett County may be required. We handle the permitting process start to finish so you can avoid any headaches. We ensure full compliance with local regulations before installation begins.

Precise Installation

Meticulous installation is key to building a fence that enhances your playing experience. Our Athens tennis court fence contractors take great care to:

  • Dig sturdy post footings to prevent leaning and shifting
  • Space posts at exact intervals to eliminate sagging
  • Level and plumb every post to create a flat, consistent fence plane
  • Tension the mesh perfectly to maximize durability and ball rebound
  • Install windscreen material with complete netting coverage and no gaps
  • Connect and mount all fence components for flawless structural integrity
  • Test the fence thoroughly and make any final adjustments

You can trust our teams have the expertise to construct your Athens tennis court fence to the highest standards.

Lasting Protection

We want your new fence to protect your court and stand the test of time. To ensure durability, we:

  • Apply protective finishes to metal components
  • Use weather-resistant materials like powder coated steel
  • Install solid foundations and footings
  • Use robust fence frameworks that resist sagging
  • Eliminate weak points through precision workmanship
  • Provide tips for occasional maintenance to prevent deterioration

With proper care, your fence will defend your court from winds, errant balls and other hazards for decades to come.

Professional Windscreen Removal

If you choose to replace your existing Athens tennis court windscreen, we will remove your old screen properly to avoid damage. We detach it methodically from the fence framework without leaving tears, gouges or holes. We will dispose of the old material responsibly and leave your court pristine.

Our complete fence removal and installation service will upgrade your court with a fresh new fence in no time.

Cost of Tennis Court Fencing in Athens, GA

The cost of tennis court fencing in Athens varies based on:

  • Fence dimensions – The overall linear footage impacts material needs.
  • Fence height – Taller fences 12+ ft use more materials.
  • Post frequency – More posts spread further apart cost less but may sag.
  • Material grades – Higher grades last longer but cost more initially.
  • Access gates – Single gates start around $400. Double gates $700+.
  • Permits – If required, permit fees typically range $50-$100.
  • Prep work – Special site prep can add cost in difficult terrain.
  • Windscreen – Tighter woven mesh costs more than standard options.

To receive an exact estimate, our team will visit your Athens site and analyze all these factors. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees.

Our estimates include all labor, materials, permits and equipment with no surprises. We also have financing options available to spread payments over time.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team brings decades of collective experience in the fencing industry, so you can trust us to get the job done right.


Every client has different requirements, so we work closely with you to create a customized fence solution for your specific space and needs.

Quality Materials

We only use the highest grade materials that are durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing for all fence projects.

Professional Installation

Our crew of highly-trained installers expertly construct attractive, sturdy fences built to stand the test of time.

Customer Satisfaction

Your absolute delight is our top priority, which is why we offer reliable support from first consultation to final inspection.


Despite our premium products and services, our prices are very competitive for the unparalleled value we provide.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Athens, Georgia

FAQs About Tennis Court Fencing in Athens, Georgia

What are the standard tennis court fence heights?

Standard heights range from 8 ft. to 15 ft. Taller is better for advanced players with powerful shots.

How much wind protection does tennis court fencing provide?

With windscreens, up to 80% depending on mesh tightness. Air still flows but screens block most crosswinds.

How long does it take to install tennis court fencing?

Usually 1-3 days depending on length. We may complete sections over time for large projects.

What fence post material is best?

We recommend powder coated galvanized steel for strength, durability and low maintenance.

Should I get single or double access gates?

Double gates make entering and exiting easier but are more expensive. Single gates suffice for most homes.

How do you keep fence posts from leaning over time?

Deep concrete footings and precise installation prevent posts from shifting and leaning.

Will my tennis balls damage the fence?

Quality windscreens absorb thousands of impacts without damage. Our fences stand up to years of play.

Can you match my fence color to my home exterior or landscaping?

Absolutely! We can powder coat fences in any standard color to complement surroundings.

Is a permit required to install a tennis court fence?

Sometimes yes if over 6 ft. tall. We handle permitting for you if necessary based on local codes.

How much maintenance does tennis court fencing require?

Minimal maintenance like occasional spraying off debris. Our durable fences are designed to last decades.

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